Spanish Conversation Class

Build real life skills with real people in a fun and friendly environment. Start Spanish from the beginning or start where you are and deepen your skills!

Our Spanish conversation class seeks to develop real life Spanish skills for work, play and travel in a fun, friendly environment. Emphasizing the 4 basic language skills of reading, writing, listening, speaking, the class lays the foundation for basic communication in Spanish. Aspects covered include but are not limited to sounds; spelling and pronunciation; nouns and adjective; basic regular and irregular verbs; basic sentence structure; and questions and negative constructions.

Text: Spanish Conversation DeMystified Jenny Petrow & Saskia Gorospe Rombouts. McGraw Hill (ISBN: 978-07-162707)

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Class schedule: Sept. 14th- Nov. 16.  Thursday nights from 6:30-8:30

Class location: Broomfield

Cost: $199

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Instructor: Diane Mahan-Singh. Click here to learn more about Diane.